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About Us


With over 40 years of experience ARQUITECONICA-VENEZUELA is proud to expand to South Florida as TBD Group, continuing its legacy in quality of product. 

TBD is run by sister architects Tamara and Bernadette Despujols. TBD works in a variety of scales, ranging from single family homes to high-end multifamily properties, offering outstanding design, sustainability and solid return-on-investment potential while contributing to the growth and strengthening of community bonds, generating long-term benefits.


TBD works as a multiplatform practice of architects, designers and artists engaged in projects and mixed-use developments in harmony with the city’s urban planning vision.


TBD incorporates notions of quality of life along with state of the art design focusing primarily into building honest projects with character and personality, outstanding from the standardized and generic architecture so commonly found today.  

Our Mission 

TBD aims to improve lives by offering research-based developments and principled designs that span the project lifecycle from conception to construction and delivery.


TBD’s core values are centered on sustainable design and construction, creating architectural spaces that contribute to Miami´s visual identity while growing the urban landscape. TBD architecture stands for a strong fusion of innovation, functionality and contemporariness, always maintaining a harmonic dialogue with the environment.  

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