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Casa Bahía will be a five-story boutique building in the vibrant heart of Miami Beach. TBD’s focus for Casa Bahia is to preserve the structure’s existing relationship with its surroundings. The emphasis is on the building’s location in a pedestrian area, where the interaction between the private and public dissolves on the sidewalks and front porches of the homes in the area, thereby creating the context for the wide, comfortable balconies that wrap around the building.


Casa Bahía’s architecture brings together luxury and contemporary design specific to Florida’s tropical weather and the Art Deco history of Miami Beach. Its facade has a permeable "architectonic skin" made out of breezeblock panels that provide privacy and a unique ambiance to the oversized wraparound balconies. What’s more, the panels and balconies create a chamber around the glass windows that help to naturally cool the building, curbing excessive reliance on air conditioning and, as a result, lowering the dwellings’ carbon footprint. The panels, designed with patterns inspired by the iconic breezeblocks from historic Art Deco buildings of Miami Beach, also provide the perfect shaded outdoor space, offering a respite from Miami’s sought-after but often relentless sun.


Casa Bahía will encompass eight luxury condo units featuring three bedrooms, and over 1800 SF of indoor space plus the large wrap around balconies. The building also offers a rooftop pool deck and covered parking for all units.

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